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Jasmin Werner

Scalalogia And The Wheel Of Life

The staircase as a leitmotif: A publication will be published for the first institutional solo exhibition of the artist Jasmin Werner in cooperation with the Friedrich Melke Institute for Scalalogie at the East Bavarian Technical University in Regensburg. The interweaking of architecture, religion, economy, cultural history and visual arts, which is decisive for Jasmin Werner's artistic practice, sounds both in terms of content and form. Based on the format of the book series "Scalalogia - Writings on International Stair Research", which was published in a total of 20 volumes by the founder of Scalalogie Professor Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Mielke, in addition to installation and work views of exhibited and earlier works by Jasmin Werner, the exhibition catalogue also includes illustrations of the architectural models integrated into the exhibition. ***** The staircase as a guide: Jasmin Werner's first institutional solo exhibition at the Kunstverein Braunschweig is accompanied by a catalogue in cooperation with the Friedrich-Mielke-Institut für Scalalogie of the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule in Regensburg. The intersection of architecture, religion, economy, cultural history, and fine arts is decisive for her artistic practice and will structure the publication's content and form. Drawing on the format of the book series "Scalalogia - Writings on International Stairway Research" ["Scalalogia - Writings on International Stairway Research"], which was published in 20 volumes in total by Friedrich Mielke, the exhibition catalog will include installation views, photographs of displayed and earlier works, and images and descriptions of the architectural models on view.

Book design by Fuchs Borst.

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