Margarita Maximova
Courtisane Festival
22 October 2021, 10 PM
Sphinx Cinema, Ghent

Margarita Maximova, Sway A Way, BE, 2020, DCP, 12'

In Sway A Way, film from a cell phone falling down an aircraft, GoPro cameras getting lost in the ocean, tumbling down rivers, or picked up by birds, come together in a continuous filmic whirlpool. Cameras severed from the body of their GoPro Heroes, turn the I into a machine, as the lost mechanical eye becomes the protagonist of a disembodied point of view. Its disorienting cinematography fueled by Joeri Bultheel’s atmospheric score could be what happened if Jean Painlevé had Crittercams to make his surrealist Neo-Zoological Dramas.

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