Slow Reading Club
Future Perfect Continuous Tense
Theater Neumarkt
and Cabaret Voltaire

future perfect continuous tense borrows its title from a grammatical tense consisting of two elements: the future perfect of the verb “to be” (will have been) and the present participle of the main verb.

for example:
in three days, i will have been working at my desk for three years.
at five o’clock, i will have been sitting for fifty-five minutes.
when i turn thirty, i will have been playing piano for thirty months.
when she turns forty, the revolution will have been four years in the making.

to describe an action in this tense is to project ourselves forward in time in order to look back at the duration of an activity. we enter into a fictional future in order to sure it up — language as a strategy to hold time in ones hands, to have time hold ones hands.

slow reading club (src) is a semi-fictional reading group initiated in 2016 by bryana fritz and henry andersen. they deal in constructed situations for collective reading. src seeks to occupy and eroticise the space of transmission between text and reader, reader and reader, text and text; to dwell in the unstable space of reading itself, to intensify what spivak calls “the possible menace of a space outside of language” that is opened up in reading and in love.

in future perfect continuous tense, strategies from their practice will be transferred online; refiguring the ubiquity of teleconferencing software as an intimate participant in the act of reading.
each evening is framed as a rehearsal or an experiment in collective reading through the screen, using texts that pry open the tense of linear time and protocols to re-complexify the bodies, devices and rooms that orbit reading.

each session is independent from the others. participants may attend one or more. those participants who register the sunday before each session will receive a gift via mail, a potion to accompany the reading.

a cooperation between cabaret voltaire (salome hohl and adam jasper) and neumarkt.