Damien & The Love Guru

Montez Press Radio

Duos in Spring Quarantine, Summer and Fall

During these fragile times the radio can be the most comforting friend in need and therefore the temporary closed gallery invited a handful of artists relatives and extended family to imagine soothing moments to share with listeners in despair such as spiritual soundscapes, improvised postponed concerts, cleaning tunes, sartorial jingles, a pulp novel reading, gong & whisper water sessions and monkey business to spread some joy in our daily interior existence.


  • Slow Reading Club: Road Movie (unedited first chapter)
  • Artun Alaska Arasli & Margarita Maximova:
    • Vanalles & Nogwa
    • The Tide is High and A Change of Heart
  • Burkhard Beschow & Anne Fellner:
    • Nuslux and Samuli Tanner at Sangt Hipolyt
    • The Bellermann Hypnotist
  • Adam Asnan & Vanessa Disler:
    • Gong Bath
    • Bird Bath and Blood Bath
  • Kjersti G. Andvig & Jurgen Ots (The Flea and Bed Bug Association): The Four Seasons at Jeu de Ball
  • Bradley Davies & Jasmin Werner:
    • Of Spirits and Atmospheres
    • The birds and the bees
  • Emile Rubino & Laura Stellacci:
    • Like a Big Vacuum Cleaner
    • Yoga is, Yoga Does and Borborygmus, Borborygmi
  • HC: walk through a museum
  • Mickael Marman & Stella Sieber: Chez Sieber
  • Emanuele Marcuccio, NoĆ©mie Degen and Simon Jaton: radioshow recorded from Vienna