Slow Reading Club (SRC) is a semi-fictional reading group initiated by Bryana Fritz and Henry Andersen in late 2016. The group deals in constructed situations for reading. SRC looks at, probes, and interrupts ‘readership’ as a way to stimulate the contact zones between reader and text, text and text, reader and reader. Their work takes the form of text, performances, collective reading sessions, exhibitions, video, sculpture, textiles and a still-in-progress road novel.


Upcoming Exhibitions

  • Rosa Rosa Rosae, Maison Pelegrin, Brussels, BE

Solo Exhibitions

  • Soft Cover Soft Cover, with additional works by Gregory Polony and Eleanor Ivory Weber, Damien & The Love Guru, 2020, Brussels, BE

Group Exhibitions

  • Exhibition or Playground?, MAK Center for Art and Architecture, 2019, Los Angeles, US
  • Tyranny of Distance, ESBA TALM (Angers) / Tin Flats, 2018, Los Angeles, US


  • YES, Lafayette Anticipations, 2020, Paris, FR
  • YES, Radialsystem, 2020, Berlin, DE
  • As for the bed smoothed by visible hands. Only it was huge; Vooruit, 2020, Ghent, BE
  • SUPERDECADENCE, Centre Georges Pompidou, 2019, Paris, FR
  • Road Movie (unedited first chapter), Q-O2 and KRAAK, 2019, Brussels, BE
  • Titanic Titanic Titanic, Kunstverein Hamburger Bahnhof, 2019, Hamburg, DE
  • limbswoonundergraft, with Gregory Polony, LTD Academy, 2019, Zürich, CH
  • I GOTTA WIG / GLE for this, Bergen Kunsthall, 2019, Bergen, NO
  • Body Overflowing with Milk was Stolen like a Jar, MAK Centre for Art and Architecture, 2019, Los Angeles, US
  • SUPERDECADENCE, ZKM: Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, 2018, Karlsruhe, DE
  • Whose Organs Were Those of a Leopard, Louise Dany, 2018, Oslo, NO
  • SUPERDECADENCE, CalArts, 2018, Valencia, ES
  • AAGGINR, Bâtard Festival, Beursschouwburg & Veem House for Performance, 2017, Brussels, Amsterdam, BE/NL
  • Intimacy, La Loge, 2017, Brussels, BE
  • Slow Reading Club, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, 2017, Brussels, BE


  • CAB Residency Program, 2021, Belgium, BE (upcoming)
  • Art By Translation, 2018 – 2019, FR/US


  • Body Horror published by Lafayette Anticipations, Edition of 500, 2020