In her video practice, Margarita Maximova focuses on the universality of emotions that are abundantly expressed in the digital era. Stories are told through chat messages, phone transcriptions and personal conversations. Opposed to the fast propulsive and multi-faceted flow of images, her videos possess a welcoming and gentle poetic inertia, expressing the course of time and it’s absence of it.



  • Master in Visual Arts, Sint-Lucas, 2013, Ghent, BE

Upcoming Exhibitions

  • Presenting The Loss of A Stable Horizon at Science Gallery, Venice, IT

Solo & Duo-Exhibitions

  • Harm and Charm, with Aisha Christison, Damien & The Love Guru, 2021, Brussels, BE
  • The Affect Heuristic, De Vereniging, 2020, Ghent, BE
  • Ten Slotte, Solo Show Het Bos, 2018, Antwerp, BE
  • You’re On Your Own And All Over The Place, Beursschouwburg, 2018, Brussels, BE
  • Talks To The Right, Looks To The Left, Duo show with Wim De Pauw, 2017, Ghent, BE
  • De vlag / De lading, Gouvernement, Duo show with Stien Bekaert, 2015, Ghent, BE

Group Exhibitions

  • Fifth Wave, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), 2021, Moscow, RU
  • A Cycle Of Sustain and Decay, Screening Cycle with Shana Moulton, Tick Tack, 2020, Antwerp, BE
  • Screening of Just Call Him and See If He Picks Up, online viewing room of Super Dakota, 2020, Brussels, BE
  • Shelter in Place, online video exhibition, Thomas Schulte Gallery, 2020, Berlin, DE
  • Martians Send Videos Home, Screening, Power Station of Art, 2019, Shanghai, CN
  • Artificial Scarcity, Group Screening, Video Club Stedelijk, 2019, Amsterdam, DE
  • Objects in love with humans, Lucie Drdova Gallery hosting Damien & The Love Guru and Waldburger Wouters, FOAF Prague, CZ
  • ArtBrussels with Damien & The Love Guru, invited section, with Jasmin Werner & Aisha Christison, Brussels, BE
  • Tenants, Giorgio Galotti, Group Show with Rachel Monosov & Jura Shust, Turin, IT
  • She Brought Me In Complexity Of Words, DOK, 2018, Ghent, BE
  • Memories From A Parallel Present Lecture performance in coorporation with Russian Turn — Bozar & Beurschouwburg, 2018, Brussels, BE
  • Screening ‘Memorial’ at Paris Internationale, Off Site Video Program with Damien & The Love Guru, 2018, Paris, FR
  • Memorial, Super Dakota, screening, 2017, Brussels, BE
  • Words That Matter, Showcase master thesis ‘I Was In A Hurry’, St-Lucas, 2016, BE
  • Die Sublieme Esthetica, In De Ruimte, 2016, Ghent, BE
  • The Act Of Staring At The Sun — Zwart Wild, 2016, Ghent, BE
  • San Sperate — screening — 019, 2015, Ghent, BE
  • Flux, Reflux — SecondRoom, 2015, Ghent, BE
  • Tabula Rasa — Dr. Guislainmuseum, 2015, Ghent, BE
  • TumultinGent, L.O.DStudios, 2015, Ghent, BE
  • Silence is Sexy — Ancienne Belgique, 2015, Brussels, BE
  • Batard Festival — Beursschouwburg, 2014 Brussels, BE
  • Coming People 2014 — S.M.A.K., 2014, Ghent, BE
  • Liberty inviting Artists To Take Part, Netwerk, 2014, Aalst, BE
  • Het Grote Ongeduld, KASKCinema, 2014, Ghent, BE
  • Dislocations — Museo Del Credo, 2014, Sardinia, IT
  • Screening of ‘San Sperate’ Short Film Festival, 2014, Leuven, BE

Grants and Awards

  • Funding Flemish Government, 2018, BE
  • Winner of ‘Coming People’, S.M.A.K, 2014, Ghent, BE
  • Laureate thesisprize Luca School of Arts, with autofictive book ‘I Was In A Hurry’, 2013, Ghent, BE


  • ‘Dislocations’ with KHM Cologne in Italy, Sardinia; subject: The technical approach to the idea of spaces or layers of spatial reality to be found will offer two main approaches: the waves transmission and the scanning,, 2013, IT
  • ‘Streaming’ with Migrating Art Academies in Nida, Lithuania; subject: Streaming, what is constantly perceived and presented, 2012, LT
  • ‘Graphic Hard Scores’ with Felix Kubin — live performance with Lena Ditte Nissen & Alisa Berger, 2011