Slow Reading Club
(Bryana Fritz and Henry Andersen)
Road Movie
24 July 2021, 5 pm

Road Movie is a still-in-progress pulp/pulp novel constituted from existing road literature. Its materials are handled via manual transcription, stenography, and repetition; typing past the point of bodily exhaustion until the writing buckles, allowing new meanings to pool into the slack spaces of mishearing, mistyping and autocorrect. (Truman Capote allegedly said of Kerouac’s On the Road: “That’s not writing, that’s typing”. But were these two activities ever really divisible?) Road Movie tries to swap the impossibility of travel for the image of motion. At the same time, the activity of writing a novel offers a cover for a set of durational reading and recordings, squeezing out the novels publicness chapter by chapter.

Organised by Strandburgtheater Tegelsee & Strandbad Tegelsee Berlin