Lurker Moxie Heart
Fan Fiction Reading Event
Hosted by Slow Reading Club
22 July 2021

Dear Friends,

This Thursday, July 22nd at 19.30, Bryana Fritz and I are in Berlin to organise the third edition of Lurker Moxie Heart, a series of fan fiction readings by friends.
Something joyous and celebratory and shared between friends and friends of friends.

Writing from the threshold of reader/writer, fan-fiction is a practice of rerouting and reanimating the flows of desire in existing characters, stories, and plotlines. As a writing practice it untangles the knot of the finished, autonomous text into something more frayed at the edges. It promotes seepage, mutation, and self-insertion. With disregard to the long-stale death of the author, the fanfic writer says, «I want it otherwise».

It’s also the chance to launch a new publication we made, with a commissioned text by Bill Dietz, and a new translation by Anneliese Ostertag of a chapter by Joyelle McSweeney, printed by Risiko Press.

Readings by: Bryana Fritz, Maru Mushtrieva, Norbert Pape, Matthias Mohr, Chris Dreier, Vanessa Disler, Jazmina Figueroa, Mark Harwood, Slow Reading Club, Jacopo Lanteri, Gregory Polony, Anne Fellner, Anneliese Ostertag, Henry Andersen, Frank Willens & Göksu Kunak. Drums by Steve Heather.

The event is free but registration is necessary.
More info and registration here:

We’re very excited about the lineup of readers. Hope to see some of you there.

We are, as ever, fandoms in anticipation, phantoms in the forums,