Christiane Blattmann
group show
4 June 2021 – 30 July 2021

Corps installation view

Christiane Blattmann
Eva Gold
Sebastian Jefford
Stanislava Kovalcikova
Tala Madani

"The original field of aesthetics is not art but reality-corporeal, material nature. As Terry Eagleton writes: “Aesthetics is born as a discourse of the body”. It is a form of cognition, achieved through taste, touch, hearing, seeing, smell - the whole corporeal sensorium. The terminal of all of these-nose, eyes, ears, mouth, some of the most sensitive areas of skin-are located at the surface of the body, the mediating boundary between inner and outer. This physical-cognitive apparatus with its qualitatively autonomous, nonfungible sensors (the ears cannot smell, the mouth cannot see) is ‘out front’ of the mind"

Susan Buck-Morss, Aesthetics & Anesthetics, October, Vol. 62, (Autumn 1992)

In Aesthetics & Anaesthetics, Susan Buck-Morss resuscitates a historical reading of aesthetics as a form of cognition which occasions a ‘sensible experience’ of art, a haptic event ‘perceived by feeling’.

MAMOTH is pleased to present the group exhibition Corps, which elicits such events through the creation of fictional scenarios and recurring narratives, both alluding to and interpreting the actions of bodies, using equal measures of tactility, sensuousness, black comedy, and perversity. The exhibition features the work of Christiane Blattmann, Eva Gold, Sebastian Jefford, Stanislava Kovalcikova, and Tala Madani.

By presenting objects and surfaces best described as synthetic, visceral, and porous, Corps considers a body which smells, hears, tastes, that wishes to touch and be touched. The body is shown to be a receiver of information, something which Buck-Morss encapsulates so perfectly as a ‘corporeal sensorium’.

MAMOTH, 3 Endsleigh Street, London WC1H 0DS

Christiane Blattmann, Touch, 2019, silicone, pigment, jute, 175 x 112 cm

Christiane Blattmann, Vampires at the Button Factory, 2020, wax, pigment, jesmonite, wire, 62 x 64 x 53 cm

Corps installation view