Vanessa’s practice is centred around painting and is informed by many of Modernism’s preoccupations: the possibilities of abstraction, and issues surrounding authorship and signature. 
She engages with these concerns through the use of visual and processual tropes associated with feminism and psychoanalysis. Since 2010, she has also worked with Nicole Ondre as Feminist Land Art Retreat.



  • De Ateliers, 2013 – 2015, Amsterdam, NL
  • BA of Fine Arts, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, 2008 – 2011, Vancouver, CA

Upcoming Exhibitions

  • Big Naturals, Damien & The Love Guru, Brussels, BE (Opening: 29 May 2021)

Solo Exhibitions

  • Free Rein, Kamloops Art Gallery, 2020, Kamloops, CA ¹
  • Free Rein, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, 2019, Oshawa, CA ¹
  • Free Rein, Audain Gallery, Simon Fraser University, 2018, Vancouver, CA ¹
  • Shadow Work, Wiels Centre for Contemporary Art, 2018, Brussels, BE
  • Unfinished Business, Franz Kaka, 2017, Toronto, CA
  • No Man’s Land, ACUD, 2017, Berlin, DE ¹
  • Heavy Flow – The Re-Release, Ginervera Gambino, 2017, Cologne, DE ¹
  • Last Resort, KUB Billboards, Kunsthaus Bregenz, 2016, Bregenz, AT ¹
  • Duty Free, Studio for Propositional Cinema, 2015, Dusseldorf, DE ¹
  • Absent-minded Window Gazing, The Commons, 2012, Vancouver, CA

Group Exhibitions

  • Fly, Robin, Fly, curated by Nils Alix-Tabeling, Mécènes du Sud, Montpellier-Sète, 2021, Montpellier, FR
  • Casa Uovo organized by Samuel Heitz, Anne Fellner and Burkhard Beschow, Sangt Hipolyt, 2021, Berlin, DE
  • Heavy Metal Parking Lot, Garage, 2020, Rotterdam, NL
  • The Mushroom at the End of The World by Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, U’s, 2020, Diamond Valley, CA
  • Global Cows, Nina Royale, Lucy Stein, Tiziana LaMelia & Charlott Weise, Online exhibition, CFA and Damien & the Love Guru, 2020, Milan & Brussels, IT/BE
  • Global Cows, Nina Royale, Lucy Stein, Tiziana LaMelia & Charlott Weise, Damien & the Love Guru, 2019, Brussels, BE
  • Still I Rise: Feminisms, Gender and Resistance, ACT III, Arnoflini, 2019, Bristol, UK
  • Still I Rise: Feminisms, Gender and Resistance,ACT II, De La Warr Pavillion, 2019, Bexhil on the Sea, UK
  • Still I Rise: Feminisms, Gender and Resistance, ACT I, Nottingham Contemporary, 2018, Nottingham, UK
  • Inscape at Sunrise, Kantine, 2018, Brussels, BE
  • If I Was Your Girlfriend, Belmacz, 2018, London, UK
  • School of Chairs, 500 Capp Street Foundation, 2018, San Francisco, US
  • The Yellow Wallpaper, Ginerva Gambino, 2017, Cologne, DE
  • Johnny Suede collaborative exhibition with Tiziana La Melia, Lucy Stein & Charlott Weise, Damien & the Love Guru, 2017, Brussels, BE
  • EUTOPIA 28, Museumcultuur Strombeek/Gent, 2017, Strobeek, BE
  • Looks with Emily Hill Featuring Feminist Land Art Retreat, Campbell River Art Gallery, 2017, Campbell River, CA ¹
  • Scattered Disk, Futura, 2017, Prague, CZ ¹
  • Vordemberge-gildewart Stipendium, Kestner Gesellschaft, 2017, Hannover, DE ¹
  • Paysage Exotique, Soloway Gallery, 2016, Brooklyn, US
  • Neo-Pagan Witch Bitch, Evelyn Yard Gallery, 2016, London, UK
  • High Water with Lucy Stein and Simon Bayliss, Chapel St, 2016, St Just, UK
  • On The Cliffs of the River Rhine, OSLO 10, 2016, Basel ¹
  • Look For Us In The Soundwaves We Will Always Be There, KUB Projects, Kunsthaus Bregenz, 2016, AT ¹
  • Dead Letters Office, JTT Gallery, 2016, New York, US ¹
  • ON FLOW IN THE CITY: Current artistic positions on the relationship between art, urbanism and the public, Museum Abteiberg, 2016, Abteiberg, DE ¹
  • Equinox, The Willows, 2016, Brooklyn, US
  • Ein Schelm, Wer Böses Dabei Denkt, Künstlerhaus Bremen, 2016, Bremen, US ¹
  • Making Sense, Galerie Juliètte Jongma, 2015, Amsterdam, NL
  • We Are A Parasite On the Institution Of Cinema, An Institution Of Parasites, Museum Moderner Kunst Wien (MUMOK), 2015, Vienna, AT ¹
  • RULE C: Look For Us In The Inkwells We Will Always Be There, Archive Kabinett, 2015, Berlin, DE ¹
  • Function Creep, De Ateliers, Amsterdam, Curated by Xander Karstens, 2015, NL
  • I Multiplied Myself to Feel Myself, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, 2014, Vienna, AT ¹
  • Another Space/Another Place/Together, Quadriennale, 2014, Düsseldorf, DE ¹
  • Group Show, De Ateliers, 2013, Amsterdam, NL
  • Crystal Tongue, Exercise Projects Curated by Amy Kazymerchyk, 2013, Vancouver, CA
  • Pleinairism, Walter Philips Gallery, The Banff Centre, 2013, Banff
  • HOME, The Willows, 2012, Brooklyn, US
  • Young and Modern, VSA Gallery, 2012, Vancouver, CA ¹


  • Garage Band, part of In(En)Acting Roles, Pool, 2019, Brussels, BE
  • FLAR AIR — A Radio and Aerial Performance, Contemporary Art Gallery and City of Vancouver, 2018, Vancouver, CA ¹
  • Vapours with Emily Hill and Nicole Ondre, Campbell River Art Gallery, 2017, CA
  • Reclining Figure with Charlott Weise at Johnny Suede, Damien & the Love Guru, 2017, Brussels, BE
  • A Feminist Land Art Retreat Slideshow, Kunsthaus Bregenz, 2016, Bregenz, AT ¹
  • Two Too Serious Ladies, Kunstverein Muenchen, 2016, Munich, DE ¹
  • Throw Your Voice (Serias Series organized by Max Meyer Gallery / Studio for Propositional Cinema) performance at Dan Graham Pavilion, K21, 2015, Dusseldorf, DE ¹
  • Case Studies (with Tiziana La Melia), Exercise Projects, 2013, Vancouver, CA


  • Western Front Media Residency, Western Front, 2018, Vancouver, CA
  • CAG Field House Residency, Contemporary Art Gallery, 2017, Vancouver, CA
  • Wiels International Residency Program, Wiels, 2016, Brussels, BE
  • A Paper, A Drawing, A Mountain, Thematic residency led by Jan Verwoert and Silke Otto-Knapp, The Banff Centre, 2012, Banff, CA


Artist Projects Published in Magazines & Books

  • Tripwire, Case Studies with Tiziana LaMelia, 2016, Vancouver, CA
  • We Are A Parasite On the Institution Of Cinema, An Institution Of Parasites, Mumok Published by A.P.E. Art Projects Era, 2015, ienna, AU
  • General Fine Arts: Vol.1, Issue 4. Published by Version House, 2015
  • Studio for Propositional Cinema # 1, Published by A.P.E. Art Projects Era, 2014
  • The Child Alberta, published by Walter Phillips Gallery, The Banff Centre and Setup, Setup Magazine: Issue 3. Published by Publication Studios, 2013, Vancouver, CA
  • Woo Magazine: Issue 6. Published by Emily Carr Press, 2012


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