Taking quotidian surroundings such as architecture, urban design or fashion as departure, Christiane Blattmann's sculptural practice aims to dissolve clear disciplines of creation and challenges the autonomy of those fields. Her works are less hybrids of art and vernacular, but more thinking figures designated as art-objects, claiming rights and questioning hierarchies in our environments. Blattmann (inter-)weaves, ties, nets, connects — she creates convoluted joints of things, relations and characters. Her objects elude themselves of normative definitions — dissolving appears as aesthetic strategy.



  • Fine Arts (Diploma) with Jutta Koether and Nick Mauss, Hochschule für Bildende Künste, 2011-2013, Hamburg, DE
  • Exchange Goldsmiths College of Art, 2011, London, UK
  • Fine Arts and Architecture, Universität der Künste, 2003-2006, Berlin, DE

Upcoming Exhibitions

  • Bread and Salt inaugurating group exhibition with Emanuele Marcuccio, The Community Centre, Paris, FR

Solo & Duo-Exhibitions

  • Amou Four, Damien & The Love Guru, 2020, Brussels, BE
  • Material Art Fair, 2020, Mexico City, MX
  • Unbreak My Walls Kunsthalle Münster, 2019, Münster, DE
  • Die Gehaltene Hand, Marwan, 2018, Amsterdam, NL
  • Autour De Ma Chambre, The Community, 2018, Paris, FR
  • La Chute Enchantée, Damien & the Love Guru, 2017, Brussels, BE
  • Where is everybody?, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, 2016, DE
  • Tamina Amadayar & Christiane Blattmann, Agnes Maybach, 2015, Köln, DE
  • Fitting & Divings, Oracle, 2015, Berlin, DE
  • Baby Birds, Dorothea Schlueter, 2015, Hamburg, DE
  • New State of Birds (with Jannis Marwitz), apes & castles, 2015, Brussels, BE
  • Sessions 1 – 8 (with Than Hussein Clark), Amstel 41, 2014, Amsterdam, NL
  • The City Dressed as a Lake (NKHH-Grant), Galerie Conradi, 2014, Hamburg, DE
  • Rotierende Interieurs (Diploma), HFBK, 2013, Hamburg, DE
  • Emperor! Emperor! Emperor! (with Than Hussein Clark), Coffer‘s, 2012, Berlin, DE

Group Exhibitions

  • Corps, Mamoth London, 2021, London, UK
  • The Constant Glitch, acquisitions for Museum M and Cera Collection of emerging artists residing in Belgium, Museum M, 2021, Leuven, BE (2. April – 5. September)
  • Friend of A Friend (FOAF) Warsaw Piktogram hosting Croy Nielsen, SVIT, Damien & The Love Guru, 2021, Warsaw, POL
  • She cut that as the spoons know (egg) / Guards can maybe be clumps, fork so ready, Hase / Cordon to eaten shark / dream peels ready / Who cut lead into teeth, Marwan, 2020, Amsterdam, NL
  • Where Do Streams Run To?, Conceptual Fine Arts, 2019, Milan, IT
  • Primary Functions, Rue de la Victoire 111, 2019, Brussels, BE
  • The Circle Club, Pulsar, 2019, Antwerp, BE
  • Prati bagnati del monte Analogo, Neuer Essener Kunstverein, 2018, DE
  • Verortung, Parallel Vienna, 2018, Vienna, AU
  • B-Sides, Saloon, 2018, Brussels, BE
  • Crib, Duflon-Racz, 2018, Brussels, BE
  • If You Intend to be a Movie Theatre, screening, Lucas Hirsch, 2017, Düsseldorf, DE
  • 6 of CUPS / Pleasure, La Pétanque, initiated by Julie Béna & Shanta Rao, 2017, Paris, FR
  • Rest in the Furrows of my Skin, Kunsthaus, 2017, Hamburg, DE
  • B-sides & rarities, Damien & the Love Guru, 2017, Brussels, BE
  • Salon Vogue, New Bretagne Belle Air, 2017, Essen, DE
  • Commission Roundabout, Helga Maria Klosterfelde Editionen, 2016, Berlin, DE
  • Grand Cafe, apes & castles, 2016, Brussels, BE
  • Greener Grass, curated by Jenifer Nails & Angelika Loderer, KS Room, 2016, Steiermark, AT
  • Micro Celebrities, Just Married, 2016, Brussels, BE
  • Jahresgaben, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, 2016, DE
  • Incertitudes, Goethe Institut, 2016, Marseille, FR
  • Hundstage, Croy Nielsen, 2015, Berlin, DE
  • Incertitudes / Ungewissheiten, Goethe Institut, 2015, Paris, FR
  • My My. A Body Does Get Around, Wilfried Lentz, 2015, Rotterdam, DE
  • TransatlanticTransparency, MathewNYC, NewYork and MathewGallery, 2014, Berlin, DE
  • The Tenant, VI,VII, 2014, Oslo, NO
  • Plus Jamais Seul, Standards, Rennes, 2013, France, FR
  • Auflauf der Fassaden, Bundeskunsthalle, 2013, Bonn, DE
  • Regard Benin Biennale 2012, 2012, Cotonou, BJ
  • Central Horizon Ltd, Penny Temporary, 2012, Neumünster, DE


  • Triangle France, Astérides, 2019, Marseille, FR
  • Cité des Arts, 2018, Paris, FR

Related activities

  • Artist talk at KASK, 2021, Ghent, BE
  • Commission for sculpture in public space, Stadthöfe, 2021, Hamburg, DE
  • Montez Press, Artist run publishing house with Than Hussein Clark, William Joys, A.M.Bang, Emily Pope and Anja Dietmann, since 2012, Hamburg & London, DE/UK
  • Betongalerie / Towers of Hope, A sculpture as exhibition venue in public, conceived with Jannis Marwitz, 2011-2013, Hamburg, DE
  • Die Reliktion, Artist run space in Golden Pudel Club, 2009-2013, Hamburg, DE

Grants and awards

  • Neustart Kultur, Stiftung Kunstfonds, 2020, DE
  • Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, Ministerium für Wissenschaft, 2017, Baden-Württemberg, DE
  • Development grant, Kulturbehörde Hamburg, 2015, DE
  • Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, grant for the magazine Der Pfeil, 2014, DE
  • Kunstbeutel, prize, Kulturbehörde Hamburg, 2013, DE
  • Hamburger Reisestipendium, travel grant, Mexico City, Neue Kunst in Hamburg, e.V., 2012, DE
  • Developement grant, Karl H. Dietze Stiftung, 2012, DE
  • Art in public space, project grant, Kulturbehörde Hamburg, 2011, DE
  • Förderung des Freundeskreises der HfBK, 2009, DE



  • Un-Break my Walls, Mousse Publishing, IT
  • Where is everybody?, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, 2016, DE

2015 – 2012

  • Let’s all become me!, mit Jannis Marwitz, edition kunstwegen, 2015
  • Sessions 1 – 8, mit Than Hussein Clark, Montez Press, 2015, Hamburg, DE
  • The City Dressed as a Lake, Textem Verlag, 2015, Hamburg, DE
  • Metis in Space, Montez Press, 2013, Hamburg, DE
  • Emperor! Emperor! Emperor!, mit Than Hussein Clark, Montez Press, 2012, Hamburg, DE