Anne Fellner is a Swiss/U.S. artist based in Berlin and Zurich. Her genre-bending paintings navigate a broad field of styles and materials: from figuration to abstraction, from hard-boiled to hypnotic, from cinematic to plein air. Drawing on a variety of techniques, the artist projects her signs and figures onto colorful, synthetic fabrics, allowing the textile’s physical properties to set the tone.



  • Berlin Program for Artists (post graduate), 2019 – 2020, DE
  • Diploma in Painting, Class of Fine Arts Astrid Klein, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, 2015, Leipzig, DE
  • Study of Painting at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, 2009 – 2015, Leipzig, DE
  • Propädeutikum/Vorkurs, ZHDK, 2008, Zürich, CH

Solo & Duo-Exhibitions

  • Für Ilse with Okka-Esther Hungerbühler, New Home, 2021, Berlin, DE (1 – 31 May)
  • Signs and Portents, Damien & The Love Guru, 2020, Brussels, BE
  • Take My Face, Liszt, 2019, Berlin, DE
  • Castle of Insolence with Burkhard Beschow, TONUS, 2017, Paris, FR
  • My Heliotropic Eyes, M.I/mi1glissé, 2017, Berlin, DE
  • Filtertest with Burkhard Beschow, Real Positive, 2016, Cologne, DE
  • Gone Wrong (with Burkhard Beschow & Naomi Pollack), Kunstverein Jahnstrasse, 2016, Brunswick, DE
  • Wind in the Willows, Wind in the Willows (Diploma Show), Galerie Tobias Naehring, 2015, Leipzig, DE
  • Meet the Neighbors with Burkhard Beschow, BSMNT Gallery, 2015, Leipzig, DE
  • Drywine with Burkhard Beschow, Info-Punkt, 2012, Leipzig, DE

Group Exhibitions

  • Laube zur schiefen Lage, Cabaret Voltaire, Münsterhof, Zurich, CH
  • Werkstipendien der Stadt Zürich, Helmhaus Zurich, CH
  • Stay With Me – 4 Generations of Painters (Otto Wyler, Lotti Fellner, Tom Fellner and Anne Fellner), Kunsthaus Zofingen, CH
  • Sommervögel, Galerie Mark Müller, Zurich, CH
  • Casa Uovo organized by Samuel Heitz, Anne Fellner and Burkhard Beschow, Sangt Hipolyt, 2021, Berlin, DE
  • BPA at Gropius Studios, Martin Gropius Bau, 2020, Berlin, DE
  • No Day But Today, Bjurholmsgatan 3C, 2020, Stockholm, SWE
  • True Grid, unanimous consent, 2020, Zurich, CH
  • Sangt Hipolyt at Loggia, 2020, Munich, DE
  • A Quest For Lasting Values, Galerie Tobias Naehring, 2020, Leipzig, DE
  • Duo Presentation with Mickael Marman, Damien & The Love Guru at Artissima, 2019, Torino, IT
  • The Late Show, Main Street Gallery, 2019, Toronto, CA
  • August, Haverkampf Gallery, 2019, Berlin, DE
  • Die Walz Roadshow UK, Hackney City Farm, 2019, London, UK
  • bandwagon, Pogo Bar at KW, 2019, Berlin, DE
  • I ain’t though, Ortloff, 2019, Leipzig, DE
  • Rock the City, Root Canal, 2018, Amsterdam, NL
  • Keeper of a Fever, No Place Gallery, Columbus, 2018, Ohio, US
  • Featherstrokes of a Damozel, stadium, 2018, Berlin, DE
  • Der Schneckentraum, Suicidal Oil Piglet, 2017, Melbourne, AU
  • Wildlife Skulpturenpark, Nesoddparken, 2017, Oslo, NO
  • Yey an unusual way of spelling yay, Jir Sandel, 2017, Los Angeles, US
  • I live vicariously through you, Low Rence, 2017, San Francisco, US
  • Works from the Collection, Galerie Gebr. Lehmann, 2016, Berlin, DE
  • Switchers, Galerie fiebach, minninger, 2016, Cologne, DE
  • The 7th Guest, Galerie Tobias Naehring, 2016, Leipzig, DE
  • Dress Rehearsal (by Centre for Style), Akademie der Künste, IX. Berlin Biennale, 2016, Berlin, DE
  • The Bathhouse Show, Space Space Gallery, 2016, Tokyo, JP
  • SAUERSAZOBOMB, Melbourne-Offsite-Index/Info-Punkt, 2016, Berlin, DE
  • Nominee Exhibition for the Student Prize of the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, HGB Galerie, 2014, Leipzig, DE
  • Fight(II), Center, 2013, Berlin, DE
  • My Sky is the Limit, New Bretagne, 2013, Essen, DE
  • Natur 3D, Museum der Bildenden Künste, 2013, Leipzig, DE


  • BPA (Berlin Program for Artists), 2020, Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin, DE

Related activities

  • BPA Talks 3 with Anne Fellner, Bertrand Planet, Katrin Winkler and BPA mentors Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff, Cinema at Gropius Bau, 2020, DE
  • Art Taaalkssss, 2020, Institut Kunst, HGK FHNW, Basel, CH
  • Artists As Independent Publishers, 2016, Hochschule der Künste Bremen, DE

Grants and awards

  • Berlin Program for Artists, 2019—20, DE
  • Student Prize of the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, 2014, Leipzig, DE